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AO Scooter

The AO Scooters brand (Alpha Omega Scooters) is a must-have brand of scooters in the world of freestyle scooters. Find our selection of AO Scooters products on our Roller'N Co. website. An item is not available? Please feel free to contact us, we will order for you !

AO Scooters (Alpha Omega) is an American brand of freestyle scooters based in California. Founded in 2012, AO Scooters is the rising brand of the street scooter.

AO Scooters has innovated by offering decks with a removable tray made from very resistant plastic materials. So the deck is protected. You will be able to grind on non-waxed edges, stone, wood or concrete edges while providing less effort and having better control over the metal rails.

AO Scooter is also a large team of internationally renowned riders !