Roller'n Co is a shop of sliding sports with a team of passionate practitioners ! 

The story began in 2010 with the itinerant sale within clubs and on the places of practice of the South-East region. 

In 2012 the website of distance selling is born. Just two years later, a shop opens its doors in Pertuis.

In 2016 this shop is relocated to the Palais Omnisport in Marseille

The Roller'n Co store is a unique place in the city of Marseille.  

You will find scooters, skates, skateboardshockey and figure skating equipment, BMX... in short, all the equipment you need for your practice! 

The whole team works in a committed way to select and test the products in order to pick the best ones and offer them to you. 

The quality of our products is a major commitment for our store.  

So don't wait any longer, whether you are an amateur or a pro, a beginner or an expert, come and discover our products and benefit from the expertise of our team of specialized salesmen.  

To go further and further with a maximum of pleasure, the Rollern'co team is here to serve you!