What is the My Rolls'n Co loyalty program?

Use your Roller'n Co account - When you visit the website or in store.
Earn Rolls - With every purchase online or in store.
Convert your Rolls - Enjoy discounts on your next purchases.


The Program

What is the My Rolls'n Co loyalty program?
My Rolls'nco will allow you to get exclusive discounts very easily. You will earn Rolls with every purchase in store and order placed on our website. For every euro spent you will get a Rolls (a point).

How do I sign up for the loyalty program?
It's very simple, you just have to create an account on our website Roller'n Co. At your first order, your loyalty account will be automatically activated.


The Rolls

How to earn Rolls ?
There are several ways to earn loyalty Rolls: a purchase on the Roller'n Co website or a purchase in store.

How many Rolls do I get for my purchases ?
1 euro = 1 Rolls

What are the rewards ?
Thanks to My Rolls'n Co, you have the possibility to accumulate Rolls (points). You can transform these Rolls into vouchers in order to obtain discounts on your favorite products.

When are my Rolls available?
Online: The Rolls earned are available when we receive confirmation of the delivery of your order.
In-store: Earned Rolls are available when the purchase is completed.

Can I earn Rolls on current promotions?
No. You do not earn Rolls on promotional products.

What happens to my Rolls if I return my item or order?
The Rolls earned on the item or order in question will have to be collected. 

Where can I see the number of Rolls obtained?
Go to your Roller'n Co account, here you will find the total of Rolls accumulated, those you have already converted, the number of Rolls currently available and those waiting for validation. 

How do I convert my Rolls into a voucher?
Online: Go to your Roller'n Co account, click on "My Rolls'nco". Your available balance will appear... In your cart, a promotional code will appear, click on it to use it.
In Store: Ask the salesman to use your Rolls in order to get a discount on the final amount of your purchase.

How long does my voucher last?
Your voucher lasts for one year.

When I convert my Rolls into a voucher, what is the maximum value of the voucher I can get?
The maximum value of the voucher you can redeem is 50 euros.
For example, 1100 Rolls = 55 euros, you will have the possibility to convert 1000 Rolls and get a voucher of 50 euros. The remaining 100 Rolls can be used for your next purchase.

Can the voucher generated with your Rolls balance be cumulated?
The voucher generated with your Rolls balance is not cumulative with other promotional codes (Gift card, Credit, Club discount, Special offers, etc...). It can however be used to purchase products already on special offer.

When buying a gift card, who gets the Rolls?
The person who buys the gift card gets the Rolls.