BAUER Hockey Pro Straight Half Visor


Bauer Hockey Pro Straight CE half visor with True Optics technology, tint free, anti-fog and anti-scratch.

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Bauer Hockey Pro Half Visor - Straight CE

Features :

  • True Optics Technology
  • Straight edge visor made of polycarbonate without tinting
  • Anti-fog coating on the inner surface
  • Anti-scratch coating on the outer surface
  • CSA, HECC and CE approved
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We offer a wide range of Bauer products, a German reference brand for Hockey equipment.

You can find all their products on the official Bauer website. If you want an article that is not available on our site, take the reference on the official Bauer site and contact us so that we can order.

For more than 80 years the German brand Bauer has supplied Ice Hockey equipment to players all over the world. Acquired by Nike in 1997 Bauer is today one of the best brands in the manufacture of hockey equipment. Bauer offers a range of very high quality aimed at both players and goalkeepers. Notice to amateurs and pros of the discipline!

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