Tampon de frein Orlando III de Roces


Tampon de frein original pour rollers ROCES Orlando III

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Roces is more than 60 years of know-how in the world of skating ! Find their skates and accessories on our Roller'N Co. website

Roces is an Italian brand created in 1952 by the Cavasin family. The Roces brand is first specialized in the manufacture of ski boots and ice skates. The brand then turned to inline skating to create in 1981 the "ancestor" of current inline skates !

After years of research and innovation and a three-year collaboration with a biomechanical engineering team, Roces has developed a new system called Biomex. This new way of designing the skates allows unparalleled comfort while maintaining high performance and efficient products.

Roces is now a wide range of skates in many disciplines ! Roces a sure value !

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