PGR 100mm 85A HYPER Skates Wheels


Hyper PGR 85A wheels have good grip with uniform slow wear and provide good performance with good ride comfort. Sold by unit

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PGR, Hyper's all-time greatest, just got even better! PGR+G is back to maintain its position at the top of the pack... SHE is back in full force! Available in 100, 104 and 110mm, the wheels have a new six-spoke race core with the standard "Grip-thane" FORMULA for maximum rolling and excellent grip.

Hyper Race Wheels are and always will be built for one reason: to win. Over the past few years, our formulas have become faster and lighter. Hyper's pro team travels the world, testing products and winning races, demonstrating our commitment to the market. The world's best have been skating on Hyper race wheels since 1987.

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Hyper Wheels is a subsidiary of Bravo Sport (USA), a world leader in the sports market. Since 1965, Bravo Sport has been providing innovative and high quality products throughout the world in various sports disciplines. Today, the brand offers skates wheels that combine reliability, performance and technicality!

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