cale Trinity Stride Control


Les TRINITY Stride control sont des cales pour modifier l'inclinaison des platines par rapport à la boots de vos roller.

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Trinity Stride Control

La Powerslide TRINITY Stride Control est une petite cale en plastique qui peut être placée sous le talon et la botte de vos patins. Les coins peuvent compenser la déformation physique comme la pronation ou la supination qui peut causer de l'inconfort et des points de pression dans vos patins. Les cales corrigent votre position sur vos patins et améliorent le confort pour une meilleure performance et plus de plaisir sur les patins.

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Powerslide offers a wide range of products dedicated to the practice of rollerblading. Inline skates, roller skates, for the ride, speed or an urban practice you will necessarily find skate at your feet. Powerslide also offers high quality protection. Find all their products on the official Powerslide website. An article is not available on our site. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will order.

Powerslide was born in Germany in 1994 when the inline skating "wave" crossed the Atlantic. In just a few years, the company's dream of developing its own brand came true. In 1997, Powerslide launched into the production of products dedicated to the practice of rollerblading. Today the brand offers a complete and reliable range of products while continuing to distribute brands like USD, Deshi, Kizer, Final ...

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