Lot de 4 sangles velcro pour jambières DE HOCKEY

Pour maintenir efficacement les jambières de hockey. Les scratch permettent aux jambières de ne pas glisser et bouger.

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Sangles élastiques avec velcro

Longueur : 45cm

Largeur : 5,2cm

Couleur : noir

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We offer a wide range of products from the brand CCM, one of the largest manufacturers of hockey equipment in the world.

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CCM is a brand created over 100 years ago. Originally CCM was specialized in the manufacture of bicycles. CCM then made the choice to focus on the manufacture and importation of cars before turning definitively to the production of hockey equipment. Between 1939 and 1969, the NHL goal scoring champions all wore the famous Tackaberry hockey shoe with the CCM Prolite blade.

Today CCM is an essential brand in the world of Hockey.

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